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Is Marriage Dead Why NSA Dating Is So Popular

NSA dating = no strings attached dating. That’s pretty much as simple as it gets really. You have sex with someone, and then that’s it. Well, until you see them again for sex, of course. You don’t need to date them, you don’t need to move in together, there’s no pressure to have babies and get married and find a big house to live in, in the country with three horses, a dog, a cat, a hamster and a goldfish. It’s easy. It’s breezy. It’s literally no strings attached!

NSA DatingWhy?!

I’m a big fan of the NSA dating because it offers me so many MORE things than a relationship can offer me. Firstly, I don’t need the things in a relationship that a man can give me because I am already in one. The only time I need the NSA men that I date is in the bedroom… My husband doesn’t screw me like these other guys do. I don’t need to worry about seeing them again either so I can do pretty much what the hell I like. If I fancy a bit of anal fun, I don’t need to worry about my husband thinking I’m a dirty harlot. You can replace harlot with whatever word you like, I’m sure you get my drift.

There are some things you can’t do with your “regular” partner or husband. There are things you might be too embarrassed to admit to liking, or things he’s made very clear he doesn’t like. Relationships are meant to be based on compromise but sadly, this is rarely the case.

There are a whole bunch of reasons as to why the popularity of NSA dating has grown. Revenge sex is a clear winner here, with so many people opting of a night of no strings attached sex in a bid to get their back on a partner that has done them wrong. Revenge sex is always the best sex. It’s nasty sex! 😉

Men often turn to no strings attached dating to get something they might not get at home with their wives. After the kids come along, sex is one of the first things that normally goes down the pan and you know… he has needs and urges. Just because she’s not desiring it, doesn’t mean that he isn’t. It doesn’t mean he loves her any less… It just means that he’s not getting everything he needs at home. If she NEVER finds out, who is it hurting?

Once you’ve been with a partner for a while, things can fizzle out. You might lose the sex, you could lose the romance; you could lose everything that once sparkled about your relationship. This is a classic example of trying to rekindle the butterflies you first felt when you meet someone – the first flush of romance where your heart flips when you touch him in a saucy manner, or your breathing becomes shallow as he flirts his lips along your neckline. You won’t get that same feeling once you’ve been with someone for a little while, and it’s a sensation that many people crave. NSA dating gives you the opportunity to experience those butterflies over and over again… with new partners every time, or just when you have lost the spark.

Some people indulge in a little NSA dating whilst they already have a loving partner at home because they don’t feel wanted or desired by their full-time lovers. A lack of sex, romance, money, too much fighting, kids getting in the bed at night, worries at work… All of these things can lead to the decline of a sex life within a relationship. A little no strings attached sex fun on the side isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but for some, it just works. If you’ve read my other articles, NSA dating is remarkably popular in one of my most favourite countries in the world – South Africa. For such a relatively small country, there are lost of web sites in this sectors with thousands of members! Check it out!

Best Hook Up Sites To Get A Shag

Right, let’s get down to business. You’re not busy tonight and you want something, or someone, to occupy your time. You don’t have time to fluff about and try to hook up with silly girls in packed nightclubs. Who has time for that these days? Surely we’re all too busy and grown up to do that kind of rubbish now?

There’s some good news and some bad news here. The good news is that you can meet someone to a great night right now. The bad news is that you’re going to need to sign up to an internet dating service to get it. There are some GREAT hook up sites out there to use to get laid tonight… Have you got a few moments to spare to fill out some personal details? 😉

These sites are perfect for people that don’t want to mess around. These sites are perfect for people that know what they want, and don’t want to have to wait to get it. He says yes, she says yes… What are they waiting for?

There are a couple of sites out there to hook up with hot dates and get a shag tonight. It’s not all seedy one night stands and seedy men looking to finally score. Some of these sites are classy and sophisticated… You just need to know where to find them!

One of the best sites that you’ll come across when looking for tonight’s hook up is Women Looking For Sex. It’s not seedy in the slightest, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t get lucky. A few questions is all it takes before you’re signed up and ready to play, and when you consider that it’s free for women to join, both guys and gals have a great time. The freebie offer entices in the women, which means more of them for the guys to choose from. And girls, why wouldn’t you appreciate a freebie registration to a site that is pretty much guaranteed to get you lucky tonight? If you are looking for more cuddly women, then we can heartily recommend Hot BBW Dating.

There are a number of other websites that you can take a look at… is under £20 a month, and with roughly two women to one man, everyone’s a winner… You basically have a 50/50 chance whether you’re a dude or a chick!

Of course, there are a few others that we can add to the list too. is one that seems to come pretty highly rated by anyone that uses it, and there’s also and It would appear that this “hobby” is more prolific than you thought, huh?

However my best recommendation goes to Looking For Sex EU does exactly what it says on the label! Lots of hot European totty looking for shags….you need to see this site to believe it. The women are sexsational!

Now, before we let you run riot on the casual dating scene, we feel that there are a couple of things that you should probably know. First of all, be very wary of other websites than those we have mentioned. There are a lot of weird “Private Investigator” type websites on there that will just lead to you getting caught; something you won’t want if you are married or in a relationship.

If it seems that you are being asked for more details than necessary, such as a specific address or a telephone number, you probably should quit filling in your details. Also, if the people you are sexing up never seem to want to meet, or want to talk to you on the phone, there is a good chance that they are leading you on or hiding something. In short, if you’re uncomfortable giving someone those details, step away from the computer and just go with one of the sites we have mentioned. Honestly… is it worth getting caught out?

5 Winning Strategies To Spice Up Your Adult Personals Ad

ADULT DATING UKRight guys and girls, we know you aren’t playing around. You’re looking for someone fun and good-looking to play with tonight, but are sick of the weirdos you always attract from the adult personals. It’s time to start looking at spicing things up so that you can find the perfect partner for you… at least for one night only!

Your personals ad is going to be the main thing that attracts those people you are attracting, and it’s time to look at changing it to make it work better for you. If you’ve never created a personal ad before you in your life, or need a hand filling out that online dating profile “About Me” box that you dread so much, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

5 – Be yourself

If you’re five foot three, a tad overweight, and about as greasy as a plate of freshly-fried chips, whats the point in making yourself out to be a lean, tall, beauty with Australian-style bleach blonde waves, and a figure that anyone in Hollywood would be envious of. You’re planning on meeting up with these people for sex… Are you seriously considering the idea of luring them in under false pretences, and hoping they give in and have sex with you anyway, just because they travelled to see you? Life doesn’t work that way…

You need to be honest about the way you look, the things you like, and the kind of person you are. You wouldn’t lure someone into your bed to screw under the pretence of marrying them and having their babies, so why would you lure someone into a bar only for them to find out that you are a troll and not the beaut they were expecting. Don’t be stupid – you won’t get laid. They will more than likely call the cops on you for being a complete nutjob.

4 – Get to the point

“Hi, my name is Michelle and I work in the fashion industry. I love cats, new shoes, pink leather couches, horse shoes, butterflies… blah, blah, blah.” Do you know when most men would have given up on you? After the fashion industry bit. You need to put some thought into what you are writing here. These people aren’t interested in what you do for a living, or what you do in your spare time. They are looking for someone to meet up and have sex with. You must have know this already, you are filling out a personal ad after all. Get to the point – the stuff you know they will be interested in. Like the fact that you’re a size ten with a 32dd chest, for example. That’s the important stuff.

3 – I’m looking for…

If you don’t put what you’re looking for, how is that supposed to come your way? What are you looking for? Do you know what you’re looking for? Are you looking for a bit of no-strings fun, or a night of unbridled passion with a man whose name you do not know? Are you looking for someone to finally fulfil that fantasy where you’re naked and tied to the bed, and your partner does whatever the hell they want with you? They can’t find you if you can’t be found… You should probably be clear about what you want from the meeting.

2 – I’m XX years old

It’s not a nice thing to say but you might as well come out and say it because pretty soon you are going to meet someone form that site and they are going to know anyway. Be honest about your age right from the beginning. Some guys are looking for an older woman. Some men are looking for a 20-something year old “twinkie”. Get to the point – we need to know your age.

1 – GSOH

OK, so you’ve said you’ve got a GSOH or good sense of humour, and you are looking for someone with the same. Does your personal ad really say that you have a good sense of humour? Are you actually funny in any of it? If you’re funny, be funny. Don’t be a middle aged, stuck up loser in your ad if you’re the frivolous and carefree joker in real life. What’s the point? Try to show a bit of personality in your ad, whether its with a sense of humour, or a real bit of flirty banter. You’ve said it so you might as well show it! And as they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! 😉