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After a while, you find sleeping with men in their 30’s a total drag. They are either so adamant that they don’t want to get married and have babies that you don’t see them for dust, or they are pressuring you to agree to have that massive rock on your finger and say “I do!”

Sadly, women these days aren’t looking for a guy to save them in true Disney fashion… These 30-something women have learned how to save themselves. They are no longer the damsel in distress! With a reported 15.7 million people in the UK single right now, it would seem that a lot of women are taking on the same thought processes.

Do we really need a man?

As you may have guessed, I’m a 30-something woman. I’ve been married; I was married for five years to a man that I did love, but wasn’t enough for me in the bedroom. He was a very “vanilla” kinda guy, and I like sex a little bit more hands-on than that. In the end, it drove us apart. I no longer wanted to have sex with him because I got bored, and he no longer wanted to have sex with me because he knew he wasn’t fulfilling me sexually.

I’m now not looking for love. Or romance. Or hearts and kisses and flowers, and romantic walks on the beach. I’m not looking for any of that. I’ve done all that. I did the settling down and getting married thing. Now I want to have fun. I want to make use of the guys out there that are looking for exactly the same thing as me – hands-on, no strings attached sex. I want them to fit in with MY pattern, and I want them to fulfill my desires and leave in the morning, without the awkward “How do you like your eggs?” Ideally, I’d much prefer they left well before that.

I’m not the only 30-something looking for casual sex, which is essentially what its called. There are thousands of women like me, perhaps even millions. Girls and women that are sick of being fed rubbish and lies by men just to get them into bed. We have a news flash for you guys – some of the girls don’t want the fluff and rubbish. Some of them just want exactly what you want – pure unadulterated animal sex. Why don’t you try asking us what we are looking for?

There’s a lot of reasons why women turn to casual sex at a certain point in their life. They want to sow their wild oats and see what it is they like. At this time of life, some of the 20-something body hang-ups have gone, and you can spend more time learning what you like in the bedroom rather than what you like in life. By this point, the career should be on track and you may have more time to yourself. What’s the point in going through a whole host of men you don’t like, just for the mind-blowing sex, when there are guys out there loping for exactly the same thing as you… Sow your wild oats, have lots of fun and for once, learn what YOU like in the bedroom rather than spending your entire time on your knees, trying to make him happy!